AID & Cut-Off Times

Nutrition provided at FULL AID

  • Clif Bar energy product (bars, blocks & gels)
  • Sandwiches – PB&J
  • Salty Snacks
  • Sweet Snacks
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Electrolyte replacement drink
  • Soda
  • Water

Limited AID will be comprise of – Water, Electrolyte Drink and Clif Energy products.

Enforced Cut-Off Times:

Changing weather or course conditions may compel the Race Director to change the cut-off times without prior notice.  Cut-off times will be strictly enforced. Racers MUST depart cut-off checkpoints before the appointed cut-off time. 

Race Withdrawal:
Any racer electing to drop out of the race must ONLY do so at an identified Aid Station.  The Aid Station Captain must be notified of this withdrawal, so as to account for each athletes race exit.

Trail Run Aid Locations:

  • AID #1  (FULL AID) –  Mile  9.4
    Juct. FS Trails 408 / 738.2A (38°53’59.34″N  106°52’30.81″W )
  • AID #2  (Limited AID) –  Mile 16.5
    Juct. FS Trails 400 / 405 (38°56’58.36″N  106°48’44.01″W)
  • AID #3  (FULL AID)  –  Mile  23.25
    Taylor Pass (39° 1`12.75″N 106°45`22.04″W )
  • AID #4  (Limited AID) Mile  28.8
    Richmond Hill Road, proximity Barnard Hut (39° 4’38.55″N 106°46’9.19″W)
  • AID # 5  (FULL AID)Mile 35.5
    Aspen Mountain Boundary
    (39° 9`4.01″N 106°49`7.46″W)


  • Star Pass (check point) 11:15 AM
  • Taylor Pass (AID #3)  12:45 PM 

Participants who do not make the Star Pass cut-off will be instructed to retrace the course route back to the W. Brush Creek Trail head, where runners can meet a shuttle that will return them back to downtown Crested Butte.

Racers cut-off at AID #3, will be asked to depart the course by descending 4.75 miles down the Express Creek Road to Ashcroft. Van transportation will be waiting in Ashcroft to deliver these runners to the finish line venue.

To receive a qualified finish time, racers must depart AID #5 by 5:00 PM.
Finish line wrap up will commence at 6 PM.

Mountain Bike Aid Locations:

  • AID #1 (Limited AID) – Mile 4.5
    Aspen Mountain Summit
  • AID #2 (FULL AID) –  Mile 15.5 
     Taylor Pass (39° 1`12.75″N 106°45`22.04″W )
  • AID #3 (Limited AID) –  Mile 33
    CR 738 & FS Trail 435.1
    (38° 51`32.77″N 106°55`22.19″W )


  • Aspen Mountain Summit (AID #1)        9:00 AM
  • Taylor Pass (AID #2)                             11:30 AM
  • CR 738 / Upper Upper Trail (AID #3)     2:30 PM  

Racers cut-off at the top of Ajax may descend back to Aspen via the Aspen Mountain Trail network.

Cut-off riders at AID #2 will be instructed to descend Express Creek Road to Ashcroft and ride themselves back to Aspen via County Road 15C .

Cut-off riders at AID #3 will be instructed to ride themselves into the Town of Crested Butte via Brush Creek Road and Hwy 135.

To receive a qualified finish time, racers must cross the finish line by 5:00 PM.


IMPORTANT:  All information is subject to change.  For the safety of racers and volunteers, weather conditions may require a change in the race start time or location, the official course, or race rules – or may lead to cancellation.  The registration fee is non-refundable.